In today’s demanding world we expect ourselves to function optimally in every possible role – as a spouse or partner, as a parent, as a child, as an employee, as a student. This near unattainable expectation can create a feeling of constant restlessness and worry that we will inevitably drop the ball somewhere.

To live your best life, you need to be set free from certain beliefs you might hold, or fears you may harbour – whether these pertain to yourself, your family or other people in your life. Transformation – sustainable personal transformation – is key to securing the life you desire and deserve.


Coaching sessions


A once-off session, typically to help you make important decisions in limited time or to gain insight in one aspect.

Coaching programs

A coaching program runs over a three- to six-month period. It is designed to systematically help you attain specific outcomes.

Workshops for individuals

In these workshops we focus on life skills topics such as emotional intelligence, conflict handling, assertiveness, mindfulness, adversity management, decision making, the language of the mind, etc.

Chokmah Teal Table for Women™

Spend two and a half hours with some of your best friends, sharing food, drinks and lots of laughter while we discuss topics that affect all women, such a being a mother, a wife, an employee, conflict handling, assertiveness, etc.

Chokmah Teal Table for Teens™

This workshop is aimed at creating a safe and neutral environment for teenagers of more or less the same age to discuss some of the top issues teenagers struggle with, such as depression, bullying, sexual activity, drug & alcohol use, body image, academic pressures, peer pressure, social media and on-screen violence.


Interventions can be facilitated between two individuals who are struggling to effectively communicate with one another.

Individual intervention takes place where a person has to make an urgent (usually expensive) decision, but doesn’t have clarity about the decision.

Retirement coaching

Retirement is arguably the biggest life transition you will ever make.  Without adequate preparation this transition could lead to major challenges.  Retirement coaching will help you find value on how to spend your time in retirement.

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      What is it? This course strikes a balance between self-development of the parent and acquiring dynamic coaching skills as a parent. The difference between Parenting & Coaching is highlighted and the skills acquired to identify the windows or behavior and the most appropriate skills to apply.

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