As an entrepreneur coach I have the know-how to help you create a solid business plan and the real-life experience to execute it flawlessly. As an entrepreneur myself, I been where you have been or currently are and have seen the benefits of working with a coach. Work with me to ensure you have all your bases covered from the start to help you avoid future roadblocks.

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Goal setting & business objective workshop

The workshop helps you define realistic and achievable business and personal goals. It helps businesses set their objectives and specific strategies for twelve to eighteen months.

Formulate the vision and mission statement for the business, if required.

Staff workshop

This workshop with staff members aims to ensure a common understanding of the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the business, as well as the culture in the business.

Culture workshop

The importance of an organisation’s culture is often underestimated. This workshop enables staff members to jointly define the culture of the business, reinforcing a sense of belonging and ownership amongst staff.

Life skills workshop

In these workshops we focus on life skills topics, such as emotional intelligence, conflict handling, assertiveness, mindfulness, adversity management, decision making, the language of the mind, etc.

Resident coach

A coach spends one or two days a month in the business, and meets with staff members (by appointment) on an hourly basis.

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      Goal setting & business objectivesStaff workshopCulture workshopLife skills workshop